Motorcycle Seat Cushion Water Fillable

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This cushion features interconnected air cells that disperse the rider’s weight evenly, allowing the seat cushion to absorb and greatly reduce shock from things such as; road, terrain, and engine vibrations.

This cushion makes a noticeable difference for those who suffer from discomfort while riding by allowing more blood circulation to the legs and by reducing pressure to the stiff body .

Even for those who don’t suffer from pain while riding this has unanimously been voted an overall more comfortable solution versus the stock seat.

This was designed with the thought of the highest quality and most comfort in mind and this Air Seat Innovations cushion was the end product.



  • Surfaced with flexible & breathable stretch material to reduce humidity and sweating.
  • Unique multi-cell design for the ultimate in seating comfort and vibration absorption.
  • The structure can help to share 30% pressure and protect the caudal vertebra. When the airbag is squeezed, the gas between the airbags flows to each other. This process produces a uniform pressure "anti-gravity" effect, which adds extra buffer.
  • Dispersing the pressure from the point line surface, it is not easy to form a flat hip, thus shaping the natural beautiful buttocks.
  • With shallow groove design, you will stay cool even you have been sedentary.
  • By adding water to the seat cushion, it will help cool down and dispense heat of your hip further.

Air Convection Technology

  • With multiple air convection technology, when the airbag receives the squeeze, the gas flows to each other, producing a uniformly pressurized "anti-gravity" effect.
  • This process can buffer the vertical pressure of more than 1/3 of the body weight, greatly reducing the load and pressure of the tail vertebra.


Premium Cushion Material

  • TPU + Lycra.
  • TPU fabrics has excellent elasticity and wear resistance. This material provides excellent performance under severe weather and manpower. Just take a rest after you arrive, it doesn't need frequent maintenance.
  • Lycra diving elastic fabric feels delicate and soft, greatly improves the feel of the cushion and the recovery of crease. It's of high rebound, no deformation and can be repeatedly washed


Breathable & Comfortable


  • It's "live", it breathes. There are gaps between the airbags on the seat cushion to ensure that the buttocks are on the soft cushion while enjoying a relatively breathable state.
  • With shallow groove design, you will stay cool even you have been sedentary. The 3D airbag gap can achieve excellent ventilation effect, so the cushion is comfortable and not sticky.


Water Cooling Down Design


  • In addition to aeration, it also innovatively uses a water injection design, which is specifically designed for long-distance driving/sedentary people.
  • It has been found by experiments that it can effectively help to cool down and disperse heat, so that you can stay away from sweat.





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