Speedster Flip Up - Bluetooth Headset

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Speedster Flip Up - Bluetooth Headset


The Speedster Flip Up, a revolutionary helmet worthy of even the most dedicated biker! This Bluetooth-equipped motorcycle helmet packs more punch than traditional open-face designs. It features Bluetooth 4.1 technology with one-touch control options such as making/answering calls, streaming music, listening to FM radio, and following GPS audio navigation – all while on the ride of your life!

Rugged and reliable due to its DOT safety standard construction, this lightweight design comes complete with three vent holes that minimize wind noise. Be the envy of your squad with an exterior sleek enough for any level rider, along with removable and washable liners for maximum comfort and convenience. The interior sun shield quickly drops down for smooth transition from blazing sunlight to sweet shade without ever removing your helmet or your hands off the wheel!



    • SMARTPHONE COMPATIBLE - The Speedster Flip Up Bluetooth Helmet is designed with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that pairs with any smartphone. Riders have one-touch control for making calls, answering/rejecting calls, music streaming, FM radio, and GPS navigation audio.
    • MEETS DOT SAFETY STANDARDS - This helmet is both DOT and ECE approved, meeting or exceeding both DOT Safety Standards and ECEN22-05 safety standards.
    • MODULAR HELMET - The Speedster Flip Up Bluetooth Helmet is a hybrid helmet between a full-face helmet and an open-face helmet. It's a sleek and lightweight design that reduces wind noise. The top liner and ear liners are removable and washable.
    • QUICK-RELEASE BUCKLE - The helmet also features a quick-release buckle that allows riders to quickly and easily take the helmet on and off.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Weighing only 3.527 lb/1600g, this helmet is designed to be sleek and lightweight, reducing wind noise. 
    • EASY-TO-USE DESIGN - The easy-to-use drop-down inner sun shield makes it easy to transition from sun to shade. Designed with three vent holes (back venting, top venting & mouth venting), the Speedster Flip Up Bluetooth Helmet is excellent for exterior design.



      Bluetooth Headset Included:

      • The helmet has Bluetooth Headset Included, so you don't have to spent money on bluetooth headset separetly.
      • The Bluetooth Headset pairs your phone allowing for music, phone calls and hearing the GPS directions ( No Intercom).
      • 1200 mAH Battery Capacity, Standby 80h Battery Life.


      Size Chart:

      Smallest Lightest DOT Open Face Helmet


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