Speedster Flip Up - Bluetooth Headset

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Style: Dark Grey
Size: M
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    Premium Interior Padding -

    • Comofortable inner padding & padden chin straps.
    • High-Quality Interior Lining, removable and washable.

    Exterior Design:

    • Sleek and Lightweight Design Reduces Wind Noise
    • Excellent Exterior Design with 3 vents holes(Back Venting, Top Venting & Mouth Venting).

    Modular FLIP-UP Helmet:

    • It's a hybrid helmet between a full-face helmet and an open-face helmet.

    Bluetooth Headset Included:

    • The helmet has Bluetooth Headset Included, so you don't have to spent money on bluetooth headset separetly.
    • The Bluetooth Headset pairs your phone allowing for music, phone calls and hearing the GPS directions ( No Intercom).
    • 1200 mAH Battery Capacity, Standby 80h Battery Life.


    Size Chart:

    Smallest Lightest DOT Open Face Helmet


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